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Mock Inspections for Home Care

Is Your Home Care Organization Ready for Inspection?

No matter how prepared you think you are for your HCO’s Licensing Inspection, it is almost impossible to predict what types of deficiencies you will be charged with when the inspector arrives.  As any HCO owner knows, the difference between an “A” citation and a “C” citation is huge – both in terms of your ability to bring in employees and clients and in the amount of fines.


Now, you can better prepare for these inspections by scheduling an on-site “Mock Licensing Inspection” conducted by inspectors from Home Care Compliance. Many of our clients have raved about these mock inspections and have found them to be invaluable.


At the mock inspection, an inspector will arrive announced or unannounced, point out violations and teach employees how to correct these violations, and provide a report with suggestions on how to prepare for your real inspection. The mock inspection itself costs $250 per hour and lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours.  These costs are minimal compared to the hundreds (or thousands) you will save in fines.


Be Confident in Your HCO’s Inspection Readiness


During the mock inspections we conduct for home care organizations, we point out consistent deficiencies being made on the required forms. Fines & Fees for cited deficiencies are imposed per incident, per day – until the analyst is notified by you that the deficiency has been corrected. The analyst may conduct another unannounced inspection to make sure you have corrected the deficiency(ies). Scheduling a mock inspection can help you and your HCO staff know that they are prepared for when the state inspector arrives.

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