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Home Care Compliance Services

Compliance and risk activities have become increasingly important areas of focus for the home care industry. 
Providers are facing more scrutiny and rigid regulations related to operational and personnel business practices. 
In fact, the new home care regulations make potential for risk higher in all areas of home care operations. Our team at Home Care Compliance can provide practical solutions that generate proven and real results. We will make customized recommendations that are unique to your needs and offer a wide array of solutions for you that will make your company better able to deliver the best quality care while generating a profitable bottom line.

HCO License Application Assistance

We can assist with any level of your application process. Whether you are beginning the application process, need help finishing the application, or if your application has been rejected; we can help you navigate the process to achieve HCO licensure.

Operations & Administrative Readiness

We will conduct risk assessments of organizational compliance and operational readiness. Compliance is very important in daily operations; from the caregivers to the company leaders. Home Care Compliance has the expertise in homecare the resources to help you develop an effective compliance program and protect your company.

Record Keeping Readiness

We will conduct a focused record keeping compliance review for your organization and provide recommendations, procedures, training, and tools to ensure your organization’s compliance with state mandates and regulations.

Survey Preparation

We will assist you in survey preparation by developing customized auditing tools, updating your policies and procedures and creating a survey correction plan. 

Mock Survey 

Using a mock survey, we prepare your facility and staff for state licensing and provide support during the ‘live’ survey process. Our professional Consultants are available to perform comprehensive mock surveys and survey preparation services.


Plan of Correction

Our extensive library of deficiency-related corrective actions, our team of expert clinicians, along with successfully submitted Plans of Correction, have garnered Home Care Compliance a reputation as one of the most successful consulting firms in the state. 
We draft Plans of Correction with you. 

Sub Office Inspection

Our Mock Survey includes a Sub Office inspection to ensure compliance with state regulations and requirements.


We conduct education & training seminars and webinars on compliance readiness. Register today to receive our newsletter and upcoming training events.

Home Care Leadership Training Courses

"Leaders should be visible, accessible and approachable, and never stop learning."

- Richard Branson

 Home Care Leadership Training Course List

  • Licensing Inspection Readiness

  • Labor Law Pitfalls 

  • 360 Degree View of Elder Abuse 

  • Regulations 101

  • Designee Preparedness Emergency Preparedness

  • Building a Task Force Client Rights

  • Setting a Standard Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Process 

  • S.T.A.R. Selling Process - Series of Marketing and Sales Training

Leadership Courses
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